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April 12, 2024In Party Wall Advice
April 12, 2024|In Party Wall Advice

Navigating the intricacies of the Party Wall Act can be a complex endeavour for building owners. At Archway Party Wall Surveyors, we understand the unique challenges faced by building owners in this process. In this article, we’ll explore the comprehensive services we provide to building owners, emphasising clear and professional advice, adherence to legal requirements, and the efficient use of modern technology to ensure a seamless progression through the Party Wall Act.

Clear and Professional Advice:

  1. Project Assessment:

Archway begins by assessing whether your project triggers the requirements of the Party Wall Act.

Clear and professional advice is provided at this initial stage to establish the foundation for the entire process.

  1. Impartial Guidance:

We offer impartial advice to building owners, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their obligations under the Act.

This impartiality sets the tone for transparent communication and collaboration throughout the process.

Fixed Fee Structure:

  1. Transparent Fee Structure:

Archway provides building owners with a fixed fee structure.

Transparency in fees ensures clarity and allows building owners to plan and budget effectively for the party wall process.

  1. Compliance Assurance:

The fixed fee covers the necessary services to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Party Wall Act.

Building owners can proceed with confidence, knowing that their responsibilities are being addressed with professionalism and efficiency.

Utilising Modern Technology:

  1. Efficiency Through Technology:

Archway incorporates modern technology and software to enhance efficiency throughout the party wall process.

Our use of advanced tools prevents unnecessary delays, ensuring a smooth progression of the matter.

  1. Streamlined Processes:

The integration of technology streamlines various stages of the process, from initial assessments to finalising party wall awards.

Building owners benefit from a more efficient and time-sensitive approach to their projects.

Detailed Party Wall Awards:

  1. Careful Consideration of Matters:

Archway carefully considers all matters at hand, ensuring a thorough assessment of the issues in dispute.

Our commitment to detail is reflected in the preparation of comprehensive party wall awards.

  1. Alternatives in Case of Non-Consent:

If the adjoining owner does not consent, the building owner must seek alternative designs for the proposed scheme.

Flexibility in design becomes essential to accommodate potential concerns.

Considerations for the impact of the redesign must be borne in mind, including additional design fees, construction costs, and the impact on the final development.

Responsibility for Special Foundations:

  1. Cost Responsibility for Construction Works:

If special foundations are placed under an adjoining owner’s land, the building owner is responsible for associated costs.

This includes costs related to any construction works involving cutting or removing the special foundations which may occur in the future by the neighbour.

  1. Consent Impact on Cost Responsibility:

Even if consent is obtained, the responsibility for costs remains with the building owner. Even if you have purchased a property not knowing that a previous owner constructed special foundations under a neighbour’s land, if they subsequently carry out construction work which requires their removal, they can invoice you for the cost of their removal.

Legal Compliance and Documentation:

  1. Ensuring Compliance with the Party Wall Act:

The process of placing special foundations must adhere to the Party Wall Act 1996. This means that a building owner must serve Notice on an adjoining owner, and get their written permission before placing the special foundations under their land.

Collaborative Approach and Best Practices:

  1. Encouraging Open Communication:

Open dialogue between building owners and adjoining owners is paramount.

Mutual understanding and addressing concerns proactively contribute to a collaborative approach and increase the likelihood of an adjoining owner consenting to the special foundations.

  1. Seeking Professional Advice:

Engaging professional advice, especially from experienced surveyors, ensures compliance with the Party Wall Act and a streamlined process.

Expert guidance is invaluable in navigating the complexities of special foundations and their impact on adjoining properties. A surveyor can ensure your works are compliant, and liaise with the adjoining owner to identify the benefits of allowing such foundations to be built under their land.


  1. Addressing Matters in Dispute:

The party wall awards we prepare cover all matters in dispute, providing a clear and legally binding resolution.

Building owners can proceed with their projects confidently, armed with a detailed and well-considered party wall award.

Smooth Progression and Communication:

  1. Ensuring a Smooth Process:

At every stage of the process, Archway strives to ensure a smooth progression of the matter.

Our proactive approach minimises potential obstacles and keeps the project on track.

  1. Clear Communication:

Clear communication is maintained throughout the party wall process.

Building owners are kept informed, fostering a collaborative relationship and reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings.

Client Testimonials:

  1. Client Satisfaction:

Numerous building owners have benefited from Archway’s services.

Client testimonials highlight our commitment to delivering professional and effective solutions.

  1. Smooth and Efficient Processes:

Clients appreciate the smooth and efficient processes facilitated by Archway.

Our dedication to client satisfaction is evident in the positive feedback received.


As the trusted partner for building owners navigating the Party Wall Act, Archway Party Wall Surveyors is committed to providing clear, professional, and efficient services. From project assessments to the preparation of detailed party wall awards, our team leverages modern technology to streamline processes and ensure compliance. Building owners can rely on Archway for a smooth progression through the party wall process, backed by transparent communication and a commitment to client satisfaction. Experience the difference with Archway and let us guide you through the complexities of the Party Wall Act with expertise and efficiency.

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