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The Party Wall Award & It's Contents

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the definition of a party wall

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A wall that separates a building belongs to different owners

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A wall or a floor/ ceiling that separates a building with separate entrances

Archway Party Wall Surveyor London

A wall which stands on the lands of different owners to separate adjoining land, Such as a garden wall

Average Timescales & obligations

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What is the Party Wall Act?

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Archway Party Act

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 provides a framework for preventing and resolving disputes in relation to work to party walls, boundary walls and excavations near neighbouring buildings.

A Building Owner proposing to start works covered by the Act must give notice to ‘Adjoining Owners’ (neighbours) of their intentions in the way set out in the Act. Failure to serve notice may result in an injunction to stop works on site or unnecessary claims for damages.

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Section 1 - New Walls

A New wall constructed up to the line of the junction for the purpose of a new rear extension

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Section 2 - Inserting Beams

Cutting in new steel beam for extensions, creating open plan spaces or loft conversions

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Section 6-1 - Excavations

Excavation within 3 metres of an adjoining owner’s property and below the depth of their foundations

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Section 6-2 - Excavations

Excavation within 6 metres of an adjoining owner’s property and if any part of the excavation intersects with a plane drawn at a 45° angle from the bottom of Adjoining owner’s foundations (such as for basement or piling works)

Sections within the party wall act itself

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Schedule of conditions reports

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Schedule of Condition = Protection

The schedule of condition records the condition of the neighbours property before the works start. This provides protection to both parties if damage occurs due to the works. The schedule of condition can be referenced to assess what is new and what is old and allow surveyors to determine any costs that should be awarded.

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