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April 11, 2024In Party Wall Advice
April 11, 2024|In Party Wall Advice


In the dynamic landscape of property development and construction, shared walls and structures are not uncommon. When a building owner seeks to utilise construction work previously undertaken by a neighbour, a crucial aspect comes into play – enclosure costs. This comprehensive guide aims to unravel the intricacies of enclosure costs, exploring their purpose, common scenarios, and the process involved in determining and settling these payments.

Unveiling the Concept of Enclosure Costs:

  1. Definition and Purpose:

Enclosure costs involve a building owner compensating their neighbour for the use of construction work previously carried out by them or a predecessor in title.

The purpose is to acknowledge and fairly remunerate the neighbouring property owner for the shared construction work forming part of the enclosure for the new project.

  1. Shared Construction Works:

Enclosure costs commonly arise when a building owner plans to utilise an existing wall constructed by their neighbour for their new construction project.

The payment is a recognition of the shared nature of the construction work and the benefit being received by the owner carrying out the work.

Common Scenarios Requiring Enclosure Costs:

  1. Extension Using Neighbour’s Wall:

When a building owner intends to construct an extension and plans to incorporate an existing wall constructed by their neighbour into the enclosure.

This scenario highlights the shared nature of construction and the need to compensate the adjoining owner for making use of their wall..

  1. Loft Conversion and Shared Parapet Wall:

If one owner constructs a loft conversion, raising the parapet wall, and the neighbour then utilises that wall for their own loft conversion.

The shared utilisation of the wall triggers the requirement for enclosure costs to be paid to the owner of the property where the wall was constructed.

III.        Key Considerations in Enclosure Cost Calculations:

  1. Adjoining Owner Receives Payment:

The payment for enclosure costs is due to the current adjoining owner, irrespective of whether they constructed the wall initially or not.

This emphasises the fair compensation of the current property owner for the use of the shared construction work.

  1. Calculation by Party Wall Surveyors:

Party Wall Surveyors play a crucial role in determining the amount of enclosure costs.

Their expertise ensures a fair assessment of the value of the construction work being utilised.

  1. Settlement by Party Wall Award:

The agreed amount for enclosure costs is formalised in a party wall Award.

This Award provides a legally binding agreement outlining the specific amount due to the adjoining owner for the shared construction work.

Enclosure Costs: A Collaborative Approach:

  1. Communication and Agreement:

Open communication between the building owner and the adjoining owner is key.

Mutual agreement on enclosure costs fosters a collaborative approach and minimises potential disputes.

  1. Recognising the Shared Nature:

Both parties should acknowledge the shared nature of the construction work.

Enclosure costs serve as a mechanism to reimburse an owner when their work is made use of by a neighbour.

The Role of Party Wall Surveyors:

  1. Expert Assessment:

Party Wall Surveyors bring their expertise to assess the value of the shared construction work.

Their impartiality ensures a fair and objective calculation of enclosure costs.

  1. Resolution of Disputes:

In cases where an agreement cannot be reached, party wall surveyors facilitate the resolution of disputes.

Their involvement ensures a structured and regulated process, adhering to the Party Wall Act.

Enclosure Costs: Legal Compliance and Documentation:

  1. Compliance with the Party Wall Act:

The process of determining and settling enclosure costs must adhere to the Party Wall Act.

Legal compliance ensures the validity and enforceability of the payments.

  1. Thorough Documentation:

Clear documentation of agreements, calculations, and the Party Wall Award is essential.

Thorough records contribute to transparency and serve as a reference for all parties involved.


Enclosure costs are a crucial aspect of shared construction works, ensuring fair compensation for the utilisation of existing structures. By understanding the purpose, common scenarios, and the collaborative process involving party wall surveyors, building owners and adjoining owners can navigate this aspect of property development with clarity and confidence. As a mechanism for acknowledging the shared nature of construction, enclosure costs contribute to the harmonious and regulated development of properties, emphasising the importance of fair compensation and open communication in the intricate world of shared construction projects.

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